Join us on a heartfelt journey as we explore the realities of caring for someone with dementia. Discover effective strategies, gain insights from real-life experiences, and learn to navigate the challenges with resilience and compassion.

Warning: For informational use only; not a substitute for professional advice. If you or someone you know is struggling, seek help from a qualified professional.


Elene Simerlink, former caregiver to 3 elderly parents with dementia.

Kae Hammond author of “Pathways: A Guidebook for Dementia & Alzheimer’s Family Caregivers”, founder of Dementia Help Center, certified Brain Longevity Therapy Specialist, former caregiver to elderly parents with dementia.


  1. THRIVE, free support group in Coachella Valley, CA, call (760) 636-6355
  2. Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation
  3. Teepa Snow YouTube Channel
  4. Nun Study
  5. ⁠Alzheimer’s Society⁠


  1. The End of Alzheimer’s Program: The First Protocol to Enhance Cognition and Reverse Decline at Any Age by Dale Bredesen
  2. Travelers to Unimaginable Lands by Dasha Kiper
  3. Understanding the Changing Brain: A Positive Approach to Dementia Care  by Teepa Snow
  4. Chasing Life: New Discoveries in the Search for Immortality to Help You Age Less Today by Sanjay Gupta
  5. Keep Sharp: How to Build a Better Brain at Any Age by Sanjay Gupta
  6. Neuroplasticity by Moheb Costandi

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