In today’s episode, we’re excited to shed light on a topic that holds great importance: body positivity.

Our navigator for this journey is the fantastic Kate Homet, an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, who works with clients wrestling with body dysphoria. Kate has made it her mission to help us all see our bodies through a kinder lens.

However, that’s just the beginning. Also hitching a ride with us is David Malow, a recovery coach, an intervention specialist for substance use disorder, and most importantly, a real-life hero who’s overcome body image struggles. Ready to lay his journey bare, he’ll share how he turned personal adversity into a triumph of self-acceptance. Buckle up for a heart-tugging, inspiring story of transformation!

So, turn up the volume, sit back, and be prepared for a roller-coaster of emotions as we navigate the exhilarating landscape of body positivity.

Warning: For informational use only; not a substitute for professional advice. If you or someone you know is struggling, seek help from a qualified professional.


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