Grief & Loss Therapy

What is It?

We understand the intense feelings of loss, grief, hopelessness and despair that go along with losing our loved ones. These feelings of bereavement can also impact other areas of your life such as a decline in health, interpersonal relationships, social and occupational responsibilities as well as parenting.

Apart from losing a loved one, people also deal with different forms of loss. Losing a part of your identity or moving to a new town or city could also be difficult to deal with. We want to help you through all instances of loss and bereavement so that you have something to look forward to again.

There is help!

Grief is a normal and healthy response to loss and everyone has their own way of dealing with it. The circumstances surrounding the death can also influence the way in which the individual mourns.

It is important, however, to move through the stages associated with mourning in order to heal from the loss. Not everyone experiences all the symptoms, and some might occur together. These emotions include: denial, disbelief or numbness, anger and blame, bargaining, depressed mood, sadness and crying, and eventually acceptance and coming to terms with the reality.

A clinician at Desert Marriage & Family Counseling can help you to move through all the stages necessary to deal with grief and loss. We believe in treating the patient as a whole and proving a comfortable, and safe space in which you can freely communicate your feelings, emotions, worries, and thoughts.

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