If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health issues or an eating disorder, it’s time to find a therapist. But sometimes, weekly therapy sessions aren’t enough to get you on a better track. Our intensive outpatient therapy program is designed to get you back on your feet with a comprehensive approach.

Read on to see if you can benefit from our services, or get in touch with our facility near Coachella Valley, CA, for some personal guidance on the right option for you.

Our Therapists

At Desert Marriage & Family Counseling, all our clinical work is carried out by trained therapists with master’s degrees or higher education levels. We accept most kinds of insurance, and we provide high-quality, individualized therapy options for all of our patients regardless of insurance. We even offer low-cost therapy options for patients who are uninsured.

If for any reason we can’t serve you, we are committed to helping you anyway — and we do this by referring you to a facility that can take care of you. When you get started with our team, you know you can get on the best path for you regardless of your budget, insurance, or other obstacles.

Our Patients

We treat a variety of mental health issues, providing many different services as well. We treat patients as young as four years old, and we are committed to equality. We treat both mental health and eating disorders, offering an intensive outpatient counseling program and partial hospitalization programs as well as regular outpatient therapy.

We ensure that those who need a higher level of care can receive the services they need to live life the way they want to — healthily. To learn more about what we do and how we can help you, call our team at (760) 777-7720. For more information, please visit our page Mind Over Body.