Substance Abuse Therapy

What is it?

Substance abuse is a complex area in the field of mental health. Often misuse or abuse of substances comes from individuals trying to cope with distress or trauma. These individuals might think they are treating their other symptoms, but the ‘high’ is only temporary, and abuse and dependency can open up another world of problems.

Individuals might differ in their definitions of what counts as abuse, and how it manifests can differ from one individual to another. The justification in itself could be a sign of substance abuse.

Who needs help?

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) if a person suffers from two or more of these symptoms within the period of a year, they may be diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder:

Using drugs more often and in larger amounts than intended

A desire to stop using drugs or substances but an inability to do so

Continue using even when the situation might be dangerous

Craving the substance

Spending a lot of time in the pursuit of drugs, usage thereof and recovering from them

Continuing with substance abuse even though it negatively impacts interpersonal relationships and social issues

Giving up other activities in order to use the substance instead

Inability to meet responsibilities and obligations because of usage

Drug or substance tolerance

Withdrawal symptoms

Continuing usage even though it could lead to physical or emotional harm to the individual

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We can work together to find the best forms of treatment to suit you.

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There is no level of abuse or addiction you need to ‘be’ at in order to receive treatment. If you feel like substance abuse might become a problem, or you’ve been dealing with it for years, you know who to call.