Desert Marriage & Family Counseling is proud to offer counseling services on multiple levels. We are aimed at helping those based in the Coachella Valley with individual, couple and marriage therapy.

We understand that relationship issues can be complex and could lead to other disorders and illnesses coming to the surface within the relationship counseling setting. That’s why we focus on treating the individual or group within the context of other co-occurring conditions.

Who Do We Work With?

We offer our services to children, teenagers, adults, couples, families and the elderly. So whether you are struggling to cope with the demands of your teenager, suffering from an eating disorder, not sure how to support your elderly parents, unable to communicate effectively within your marriage, or you’re uncertain how to establish a work/life balance, we cover it all.

We have clinicians who specialize in the following but aren’t limited to:

Our Approach

We believe in treating the person as a whole. We don’t define you according to your diagnosis, but rather work with you to meet your specific needs.

We teach communication skills, listening skills, self-improvement, self-awareness and self-understanding. We believe with those core skills you stand a better chance to deal with the demands and challenges life throws your way.


We Provide Comfort

Apart from being a mental health treatment facility, we also want to be seen as a place of comfort and safety. We understand that is it difficult to make sense of your current concerns and issues, and we offer a non-judgmental space in which you can explore your struggles and uncertainties.

We all want to be heard. That’s why we serve individuals from all cultural and lifestyle backgrounds. We’ve realized that not all practices offer therapy in second languages, and that’s why we have specialists that are fluent in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Greek.

We’re Available

Sometimes our struggles and situations require immediate attention. We don’t want you to feel alone with your issues anymore. We make as many session options available as we can to help you as soon as we can. Our practice is open during weekends and we also have early morning and late evening appointment options.

If you or someone you know requires therapy we’d love to hear from you. Our friendly support staff will be able to assist you in scheduling your appointment. If you’d rather have a clinician phone you back, we can arrange that as well. Rest assured that we respect your privacy and individual needs.

Contact Us

The team at Desert Marriage & Family Counseling would be happy to assist you in any difficulties that you might be experiencing as a couple or individual. Contact us today for an appointment.