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When it comes to matters of mental health treatment, the clinical staff is where the true difference lies

Whether its focus is on drug & alcohol addictions, mental health illnesses, dual-diagnosis disorders or anything of the like, the effectiveness of a treatment center is largely determined by the quality, experience and dedication of its staff. In that spirit, we can truly affirm that our clinical and support staff is among Southern California’s finest. As you browse through our staff bios below, you will notice we have also included certification numbers for all of our LMFT’s and AMFT’s. We do this because:

  • We have a steadfast commitment to integrity & transparency
  • We are proud and honored to have each & every one of them on staff with us
  • Considering the importance of selecting the right mental or behavioral health recovery option, we strive to further simplify the due diligence process for you should you choose to do so

Should any question arise regarding staff information on this page, or for any reason, please call us 7 days a week at: (760) 777-7720


    CEO at Desert Marriage and Family Counseling Kelly Lewellan, CEDS, EMDR-2, LMFT #37832

    Kelly Lewallen

    CEO/ Clinical Director

    LMFT #37832

    Gregg Homme


    Raylene Amador

    Clinical Director of Eating Disorder Program

    AMFT #120801

    James Gallegos

    Clinical Director of Mental Health Program

    Pre-Licensed Clinician

    Dietician at Deserrt Marriage and Family Counseling in Palm Springs, CA

    Sara Kashlan



    Jane Gaunt

    Affiliated Professional

    LMFT #41412

    Donna Angel

    Affiliated Professional

    LMFT #124103

    Licensed MFT at Palm Springs California Mental Health Drug Rehab Center

    Michael Tripet

    Affiliated Professional

    LMFT #91096

    PhD and Licensed Therapist for Addiction and Mental Illness in Southern California

    Sandy Islands

    Affiliated Professional

    LPCC #1453

    Kasey Rissman

    Affiliated Professional

    LPCC #9950

    Madeline Stevens

    Affiliated Professional

    LPCC #1123

    Romona Romero

    Affiliated Professional

    LCSW #103119

    Katharine Homet

    Associate Clinician

    AMFT # 128661

    Bridget Delaney

    Associate Clinician

    AMFT# 116270

    Adriana Gomez

    Associate Clinician


    Shantay Silva

    Pre-Licensed Clinician

    Nicole Gallegos

    Pre-Licensed Clinician

    Brittany Ruiz

    Pre-Licensed Clinician

    Jillianna Clupper

    Pre-Licensed Clinician

    Manny Diaz

    Pre-Licensed Clinician

    Natalie Baeza

    Pre-Licensed Clinician

    Rebecca Roark

    Pre-Licensed Clinician

    Erika Aldana

    Pre-Licensed Clinician

    Dani Goodwin

    Group Assistant


    Therapy Dog

    V.P. of Treat Acquisitions


    Therapy Dog

    Anxiety Specialist

    Wyatt Lewallen

    Director of Admissions & Business Development

    Christina Alvarez

    Intake Specialist

    Linda Fish

    Facility Manager/Human Resources

    Patricia Rivera

    Insurance Manager

    Gerardo (Tito) Benitez

    Billing Specialist

    Savanna Unzicker

    Insurance Coordinator

    Liza Ramil

    Admin Office Assistant

    Zenaida Salinero

    Admin Office Assistant

    Milla Basile

    Assistant to Clinical Director

    Marina Martinez


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