Marriage & Couples Therapy

Whether you’re a newly engaged couple looking to prepare for marriage, or you’ve been married for ages but still don’t know how to communicate your needs to your partner, we’ve got you covered.

What is Marriage &
Couples Therapy?

Marriage and Couples Therapy helps a couple resolve conflict and grow their relationship. No issue is too small to address. The therapists at Desert Marriage & Family Counseling are experienced in dealing with all kinds of issues that present themselves during therapy. Think of our practice as a safe and secure place where your thoughts and feelings aren’t judged. We work with you to reach your goals as a couple.

Why It’s Important

It could be that individual issues come to light that could be influencing the relationship, and we will address them and the treatment options together. Couples counseling can help you make better decisions in your relationship and work on issues such as substance abuse, verbal abuse, anger, divorce, infidelity, sexual problems, and communication.

Our Marriage and Couples Therapy Services include:

Conflict Resolution

Sex Therapy

Premarital/Precommitment Counseling

Blending Families

Parenting Issues


Grief and Loss



Anxiety and Depression

Terminal Illness


Contemplating Divorce or Separation

Enhancing the Existing Relationship

LGBTQ Friendly Services

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The team at Desert Marriage & Family Counseling would be happy to assist you in any difficulties that you might be experiencing as a couple or individual. Contact us today for an appointment.