Family Therapy

What is Family Therapy?

We all enter this world with some type of family. Your family could be composed of blood relatives, a foster family, adoptive parents, or estranged family members. The structure of the family is complex and there are many relationships influencing each other. Many times family members might be struggling with issues within the family context, but they don’t know how to discuss or resolve these problems.

Family Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that views the problems as patterns within the family structure that needs adjusting. We take a look at the dynamics of the family and how they work together to form a whole.

Why Do We Need It?

Because families are ever-evolving, the members will have to adjust to changes. Family therapy can be especially helpful when the family is going through big changes such as divorce, relocation, grief and loss, depression or trauma, When a family member is diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder it’s also important for the rest of the family to educate themselves on his/her condition.

A therapy setting allows each of the members to have a ‘voice’, where they previously felt unheard. It’s often the case that the family members with dominating personalities forget about the needs of those that take a more passive stance.

No matter your family structure, we’ll help you rebuild.

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