In this compelling episode, we explore the mental health challenges and triumphs of trans youth, featuring two remarkable guests. Join us as we welcome Patrick Gem Gabbett, a non-binary transgender man and student aspiring to be a youth services librarian. Alongside Patrick, we have Dr. Jill Hingston, a Health Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who currently leads the Behavioral Health Services at The LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert.

Patrick shares their personal journey, discussing the unique challenges faced by trans youth in today’s society. Dr. Hingston offers her expert insights into the psychological aspects, highlighting the importance of mental health support and inclusive practices for the well-being of trans youth.

Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a mental health professional, an educator, or an ally, this discussion offers invaluable insights into the resilience and needs of trans youth.

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