In this deeply moving and enlightening episode of our podcast, we explore the challenging yet inspiring journey of healing from the aftermath of narcissistic abuse.

Our episode features a powerful narrative from a woman who has bravely faced anxiety, depression, and the long road to recovery after being in a relationship with a narcissistic partner.

Our special guest shares her intimate experience, shedding light on the psychological impacts and emotional turmoil of living with a narcissist.

Co-host Gregg Homme offers a unique perspective from their shared experience in a residential treatment center, providing valuable insights into mental health treatment and therapy, offering hope and guidance to those on a similar path.

We also list the signs of narcissism in relationships and share a story of hope for those navigating their way through similar challenges.

Join us in this heartfelt and informative episode as we navigate the path of healing from anxiety, depression, and narcissistic abuse, filled with real-life experience and insights.

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Caveman & Counselor is a podcast that aims to answer the challenging questions about behavioral health and recovery, brought to you by Desert Marriage and Family Counseling.

Hosted by Kelly Lewallen the experienced therapist (aka Counselor) and behavioral health advocate Gregg Homme (our very own Caveman).

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