Our Team

    A smiling woman sitting on an outdoor sofa with trees in the background.

    Kelly Lewallen

    CEO & Clinical Director

    LMFT #37832

    A person happily embracing a blue-eyed australian shepherd dog outdoors.

    Gregg Homme


    Man sitting on a gray sofa in a well-lit room.

    James Gallegos

    Clinical Director of Mental Health Program

    AMFT #138738

    A smiling woman in a black dress sitting on a patio chair with a blue sky in the background.

    Jane Gaunt

    Affiliated Professional

    LMFT #41412

    Woman sitting and smiling on an outdoor patio with trees and a clear sky in the background.

    Donna Angel

    Affiliated Professional

    LMFT #124103

    Smiling man with glasses seated outdoors on a sunny day.

    Michael Tripet

    Affiliated Professional

    LMFT #91096

    Woman smiling in glasses, wearing a light sweater, standing on a porch with a clear sky behind her in Palm Desert.

    Kasey Rissman

    Affiliated Professional

    LPCC #9950

    Woman in a tie-dye top standing on a porch with a smartphone and papers in her hand.

    Madeline Stevens

    Affiliated Professional

    LPCC #1123

    Dietician at Deserrt Marriage and Family Counseling in Palm Springs, CA

    Sara Kashlan



    Woman sitting comfortably on a black leather chair in a cozy room with decorative elements.

    Katharine Homet

    Affiliated Professional

    LMFT #142324

    A woman sitting on a wicker chair outdoors wearing a green sweater and black watch, with blurred greenery in the background.

    Claudia Cabrera

    Associate Clinician

    AMFT #133133

    Woman standing on a porch with a confident stance.

    Adriana Gomez

    Associate Clinician


    A woman in a pink top and floral cardigan standing on a porch with wooden beams and a clear blue sky in the background.

    Brittany Ruiz

    Associate Clinician

    AMFT #136940

    Woman sitting and smiling on an outdoor bench with vegetation in the background.

    Naylanie Vargas

    Behavioral Technician

    A person with glasses, wearing a blue turtleneck and black pants, stands in front of a building with a badge around their neck.

    Isabel Bojorquez-Lopez


    Man in a white polo shirt smiling against a white background.

    Wyatt Lewallen

    Associate Clinician & Director of Admissions & Business Development

    AMFT #129490

    Woman with glasses smiling against a white background.

    Linda Hale

    Facility Manager & Human Resources

    A person smiling while seated outdoors on a wicker chair, dressed in a black shirt with a patterned collar.

    Patricia Rivera

    Insurance Manager

    Merle-coated dog with a red scarf and blue collar against a neutral background.


    Therapy Dog

    V.P. of Treat Acquisitions

    A black and white dog wearing a colorful collar and harness, looking to the side against a white background.


    Therapy Dog

    Anxiety Specialist

    Man with tattoos sitting outdoors, holding a pair of sneakers and smiling at the camera.

    Gerardo (Tito) Benitez

    Billing Specialist

    Woman smiling while sitting outdoors holding a stuffed toy.

    Liza Ramil

    Admin Office Assistant

    A woman with short hair wearing a sleeveless pink top and white pants sitting on a chair outdoors with a clear sky in the background.

    Zenaida Salinero

    Admin Office Assistant


CFO/Office Manager

Jilliana Antoniewic
LMFT #198433

Michael Tripet
LMFT #91096

Jane E. Gaunt
PhD, LMFT #41412

Chantia Justice
AMFT #111034

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